Initiation Requirements:
  • Candidate Sorting
  • Tutoring/EMCC/Academic Outreach
  • Bent Polish
  • Candidate Quiz
  • Initiation Fee
  • Community Service
  • Chapter Events
  • Social Events
  • Initiation Ceremony and Banquet
  • Weekly Program (choose one of the following):
    • Tutoring (2 hrs/week from Week 3 to Week 9)
    • EMCC
    • Project Planning Committee (e.g. Rube Goldberg)
  • Two events hosted by TBP (i.e. info sessions, socials, Engineering Futures, competitions, etc.)

Once members have completed the requirements to become distinguished actives, they are eligible to purchase a white stole to wear at graduation. Members will receive $5 off their stole for completion of the requirements in subsequent quarters. All members who complete the distinguished active requirements for a given quarter will be invited to attend the next TBP banquet.

Initiation Requirements:
  • Have been in enrolled for at least two quarters.
  • Have completed 50% of your coursework, including research, as determined by your research adviser.
  • Confirm that you are in the top one-fifth of your class; a statement by a faculty member that you are doing graduate work of the quality expected of a member of TBP can be substituted for class-rank certification, since class rank is often difficult to determine for graduate students.
  • Fill out the form here. We will help you with this, should you choose to initiate.
  • Initiation Fee
  • Attend one of the two Meet and Greet events. We will send you more information about this, should you choose to initiate.
  • Attend Initiation